Engagement Services

you to align sales
and marketing

Through a Go To Market engagement, we identify your channels and future channel needs. The objective is to set revenue and cost goals by channel for customer acquisition.  We want to best optimize your critical resources!

your data to identify your
customer sweet spot

We are able to reveal anonymous (Gmail, Hotmail) users to understand the industries of your customer base. We use this information to develop micro campaigns specific to your customer sweet spot.

your customer data with
deepened insights

We augment your customer data with enhanced firmographics, including company, address, employees, revenues, etc., from our 19M+ customer database. We enable you to become a better data steward and to continue to expand your database.

revenue campaigns with a focus
on Metrics that Matter!

By integrating your digital and sales enablement campaigns we help you to execute revenue campaigns.  Using Escape Velocity’s database, we can provide email addresses for the campaigns.  Ultimately, we aim to execute smaller campaigns, which can be quickly iterated and improved.  We stay focused on the end game for key metrics like customer lifetime value while executing individual tactics.

Case Studies

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