I knew when I left the corporate world that my next chapter would be a startup, it was just a matter of how I would engage. Having worked since age 14 when I started a pool cleaning business, my first thought was I needed to find a job and started interviewing for a CMO type of position at startups. But they didn’t seem quite right for a variety of reasons and happy to share in future posts.

I then began to read and network heavily in the VC and startup communities. One day the leader at a Triangle incubator said to me; “Jill a startup is so happy to have a customer they don’t put much thought into the strategic value of that customer.” And so started my journey with John Toebes who I had known for years. We both shared a love of STEM and getting kids involved in STEM. Long before I came on the scene, John was heavily involved in FIRST.org and robot competitions and his excitement is contagious.

I asked John if he thought we could build for startups a means for them to find more strategic customers so that they could grow faster. Could we provide companies with nominal resources, the insights of a rich data analytics team? And then how would we use the foundation of solid analytics to drive companies Go to Market, the Revenue funnel (formerly known as the marketing funnel, again another forthcoming blog) and sales enablement/productivity.

So we started to work with a few clients and spoke to more VC’s and here we are.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you and thank you for coming along for the ride!