Escape Velocity Inc Breaks Barrier into Data Science for Emerging B2B Companies

Escape Velocity Inc, a data analytics company based in Burlington, Vermont with engineering in RTP, NC, is breaking the barrier to make data science expertise and models available to emerging B2B companies.  Escape Velocity Inc is focused on leveraging small amounts of data to gain big insights, empowering their clients to become the dominant vendor in their industry. The company is started by two former Cisco executives and data experts who saw a need for small businesses to be able to act like large businesses. Today, the expertise of high end data scientists to refine marketing and customer strategies is mainly limited to major corporations given the costs associated. Escape Velocity Inc’s mission is to help companies optimize their resources in balancing customer acquisition costs against revenue and lifetime value.

Jill Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of the company, says, “We created the company because we realized there was a huge need that wasn’t being met. A lot of smaller businesses have small data sets and very limited information about their customer base, so they are left doing very general marketing like SEM. We saw a need to take nominal amounts of information and enrich it for more value. We’ve created systems and databases that didn’t exist before and we’re using those to achieve a much greater level of success for businesses by creating understanding of who their customers actually are and how best to engage with them. We will focus on driving scale – start small and grow big.”

Escape Velocity Inc’s technology is addressing the most common and problematic obstacle in a business-to-business relationships regarding identifying accurate email contact information   associated with business Internet domains. John Toebes, CTO and Co Founder, says, “It’s a far more common problem than you might think. De-anonymizing these users is no small task, and what we’ve assembled is much more than just a dashboard, tracking mechanisms and some API’s. Our proprietary algorithm helps us tell you who your customers are.”

Greg Bohlen, Managing Director of Union Grove Venture Partners declared “The key to developing not only good AI decision making, but understanding who your customer is, how to reach them and what to sell them comes from detailed analytics. That’s the one thing missing from most company sales and marketing programs. Escape Velocity focuses on that exact problem and brings a richness to the  customer interaction that can mean the difference between failure and success.”

By 2020, it is predicted that the big data analytics market will be at approximately $203 billion dollars. According to Gil Press of Forbes Online, data analytics has, “lead to the emergence of new tools for collecting and analyzing data and new enterprise roles and responsibilities.” It is predicted by 2025 that data monetization will take up 180 zettabytes of space, yet most of the investment is focused on big data for the big guys. Escape Velocity Inc’s database and powerful algorithms address key common problems faced by most companies in understanding and targeting their customers.

Escape Velocity’s main focus is on enabling the next generation of  corporations looking to accelerate their growth with an effective combination of Go-To-Market, revenue campaigns and seller enablement. The technology can also benefit existing firms that need to align and optimize sales, channels and marketing resources for greater success faster.

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