I want to use this blog to journal the events of Escape Velocity Inc. so I can’t always promise great insights. When John and I first started discussing doing a startup we had several conversations as to why we wanted to do it. The top of the list was to be able to work with closely with younger professionals as they were starting their careers. We like their energy, insights and they make sure we keep it real especially with our communications.

Several of us were together for a perfect evening at the Cary Booth Amphitheater right before we launched, we had spent the day going through a readiness review. It was a big crowd and we had ordered a picnic in advance so all we had to do was carry in our chairs. After two warmup acts including Emily Lou Harris we were all ready for the reason we were there.

Mellencamp started out with a few new songs and I was not familiar with them. Around the fourth song, he played Small Town which is my absolute favorite as I identify with the song having been raised in Rome, NY. From that point on he sang his classics, Check it Out, Jack and Diane, Pink Houses and the list goes on and the audience was dancing and singing, just loving the whole experience.  It had me thinking of the melding of the new and old and the synergy of it all as I sat with our new recruits. It got wondering maybe I could be like a rock n roll classic, and I can live with that!