When we start working with a client we find they have a nominal amount of information about their customers, usually it is limited to their email address, how frequently they use the application and the platform they are using (mobile vs laptop). Wouldn’t you like to know what their business is? Where they are located? How large is the firm per sales and employees? What industry are they in? Wouldn’t this help you find additional like customers?

But the challenge for many of our clients is over 80% of their customers are using generic email addresses like hotmail, gmail or service provider accounts. Escape Velocity Inc has the ability to de-anonymize generic email addresses. In our initial engagements, we have reduced the number of such generic emails to less than 5-20% for businesses focused on B2B. After we identified the company we “enrich” this information from our 19M customer database where we add company name, addresses, size, location, industry classification. We then can determine what are your top industries for success AND identify more potential customers in your sweet spot. Not to mention we just jump started your customer database and you are on your way to good data stewardship.