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We Enable you, Examine your data, Enrich customer insights and Execute revenue campaigns.

Escape Velocity Inc DBA Escape Velocity delivers enterprise quality data science built for next generation big companies. Applying a tested, proven process, we optimize your acquisition costs by using deep analytics to identify your most strategic B2B customers. We enable businesses to grow by understanding their customer sweet spot and how to optimally acquire customers by aligning sales, marketing and channels. We have technologies coupled with our extensive B2B database to enrich and reveal customers including those that are anonymous. Aligning sales and marketing, we then help you create targeted, results-driven campaigns that accelerate demand development and business growth. Ultimately, unlocking demand with deep analytics.

Why are we Escape Velocity? In physics, escape velocity is the minimum speed required for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, or the point at which something breaks free from whatever is holding it back. Our objective is to help companies pull away from their competitors and reach their escape velocity, empowering them to become a dominate force in the marketplace.

Escape Velocity Inc uses small data, limited customer information, which we combine with our AI algorithms and our enterprise class B2B database to deliver real insights. After de-anonymizing (Gmail, Hotmail) users we analyze your customer information to find your customer sweet spot for future revenue campaign development. Escape Velocity Inc enables you to jumpstart development of your customer database, align sales and marketing and drive productivity.

Greg Bohlen, Managing Director of Union Grove Venture Partners, says, “The key to developing not only good AI decision making, but understanding who your customer is, how to reach them and what to sell them comes from detailed analytics. That’s the one thing missing from most company sales and marketing programs. Escape Velocity Inc focuses on that exact problem and brings a richness to the customer interaction that can mean the difference between failure and success.”

Escape Velocity Inc offers the necessary steps to launch your startup into the playing field. We Enable you through a Go to Market workshop engagement, Examine your small but powerful customer data including anonymous email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail), Enrich your customer data with our enterprise class of 19M+ B2B database, and then we help you to Execute revenue and sales enablement campaigns to learn more about your customers and attract new ones.

This is how we are “Unlocking demand through deep analytics.”

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